Saturday, April 21, 2012

Baseball game through the eyes of a four year old

What could be better than a girl's day out at the ball game?  I cut out of work a few hours early, picked Sugarpie up after nursery school and we headed to the ballgame - the noon game on Thursday.  It was a beautiful day for a ball game!!

Watching the game through her eyes is a pretty neat experience.  She asks a lot of questions, as most inquisitive 4 year olds would do - but the cool thing about that is, she was asking questions about baseball - she really gets into the game!  Now, she has been attending games before she would walk or talk and it's been fun to see her love and interest in the game grow as she does.

We donned our Syracuse baseball hats and pulled on the new baseball shirt that I bought for her and headed into the game.  First off, two guys were sitting in our seats (our RESERVED, non-marked, SEASON TICKET seats!!).  I politely mentioned that WE have seats number 11 & 12 and one of them said Oh!  I think we have 9 and 10, we didn't even look!  Hmph!  Sugarpie just 
s t a r e d (as only she can do) while they got up and kicked all of their food wrappers and beer cups to land under their new seats...all except for the peanut shells they left where our feet are supposed to go.  Sugarpie just stared at the peanut shells and said "who would do that?  it's a mess!!"  Mess indeed!!!

So little side note here:  I have a THING about people just sitting wherever they please.  I'm going to be talking about that when things start getting busier and I lose my elbow room.  I really think everyone should take their rightful place in the stadium.  If people have 300 level seats, then they need to go up the stairs and sit where they belong.  If people have seats 9 & 10, then look at the numbers and sit there.  I could go on - but there will more than likely be more of that as the season continues...haha - stay tuned.

So back to the cool kid...I applied sunscreen to her cute little face and she did the same for me - she made sure it was rubbed in thoroughly and inspected my face carefully to see that she covered every inch.  She broke out the bubbles (a must have at the ball game) and quickly made friends with a very cute little boy sitting behind us as he tried to pop the bubbles.  He left early, so she settled in with me and tuned into the game. 

I tend to be somewhat vocal at the games (Molly likes to help me with that) and if I have a player whom I really like or maybe I just like his name, I will shout it out.  Sugarpie copied EVERYTHING I shouted ;)  Of course I had my trusty bat shaker and during a particularly good play, we started cheering and Sugarpie turned to me and said "Where's the shaker??!!"  

She had questions about the bat boys and their job, the umpire, how to know who was on what team, where were Schooch and Pops, why weren't they dancing when their song came on (she had a couple theories about that), she mentioned that she really likes cotton candy, when I was sad about losing, she did her best to console me saying maybe Carlos will hit a home run, we sang take me out to the ball game, she had a conversation with our favorite security guy, and when "Swing" by Trace Adkins started playing, she turned to me with an astonished expression and exclaimed "that's our favorite song!!!"  She particularly like the beginning of the song when he says "take me out to the ball game" in that deep, gravelly voice.

Sugarpie has twin 3 year old brothers and they love the game as much as she does.  When we get home from a game, they ask me to play "Swing" and we sing it loudly as they tear around the room, running bases, throwing balls and swinging pretend bats.  Amazing how they can emulate so closely the movements of the players.  I have to say it's truly one of the most heart warming experiences of my life.  

It occurred to me one day, what a gift we are able to give three little children - to enjoy the great outdoors, be together creating lasting memories, instilling in them the love of one of America's favorite pastimes and living life.  Not to mention, what a gift they have given me by sharing my love of baseball and having time with three of my most favorite people in the universe.  It's just good, clean fun - and lots of it.

It just doesn't get any better than that!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Back to Baseball

Ahhhhh Baseball! So good to be back in the stadium! Winter always seems so long...and then there is the count down to opening day. So good to see the friendly faces in Section 207 - kinda like coming home again.

Mickey Mantle said "When you watch baseball at it's best, there's a tendency to forget the real world." Amen!

D.O. looks healthy and happy as he blows me a kiss each night (well, except tonight, but that's okay, I may get two next time if I mention it). Oh, and a nice, warm hug on opening day :)

TV looks the same as I remember - very tall and lots of smiles and funny stories to share with all.

My BBB Molly is smaller than she was last season. You will be SWIMMING in one of those baseball jerseys when your number gets chosen ;) Looking good Mol!!!

Danny and the other ushers - they don't look a day older!

We got a VERY warm welcome from our favorite security guy. He tells us he is anxious to see the kids again - last season all three of them were blowing bubbles at him and he was making a big deal of it.

And Crazy Fan Man - no disappointment there! His lungs are as strong as ever, if not stronger! And it seems he has some new material. My favorite so far has got to be the one about the foot on the rubber that Molly quoted. Looking forward to many more quote opportunities.

Then there is the case of the missing Lloyd. Feeling quite sad - haven't heard anything from him since the beginning of this year and well, we are hoping everything is okay. It's not the same without him.

So, cold, like Molly said - but hey! It's New York and we are tough and Baseball - well....where would you rather be, really?

How thrilled I was to see Carlos Maldonaldo (the BEST catcher) - to call his name and have him turn and wave. And tonight - sitting there in the rain, watching him come out and stand and turn to look and see if we were still there - then give us a cute little wave when we called his name (AGAIN). Gotta love that big guy. I've heard that some women have a "thing" for big guys...think I heard that at a baseball game recently, in fact.

And Josh Wilkie! My favorite pitcher!! He's not really a big guy - but then, I'm not the one who said I have a thing for big guys ;) I just like his style and the way he quietly appears and goes right to the business of pitching. Friendly, too, when one day I was trying to escape the heat and sun on the 1st base side and strolled over to the third base side to watch the guys warm up before the game - I mean, to cool off in the shade ;) Josh Wilkie gave me a cute smile and a wave. I feel that I should mention here that there was NO stalking involved! It's just as I said, I simply strolled over and quietly sat, enjoying the cooler temperature. I may have even been wearing his hat (the one he wore in the previous season).

It's soooo good to be back!!!!! Don Drysdale said " Some things in life you just can't buy - like great memories." I am looking forward to making many deposits in my memory bank this season!!