Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Back to Baseball

Ahhhhh Baseball! So good to be back in the stadium! Winter always seems so long...and then there is the count down to opening day. So good to see the friendly faces in Section 207 - kinda like coming home again.

Mickey Mantle said "When you watch baseball at it's best, there's a tendency to forget the real world." Amen!

D.O. looks healthy and happy as he blows me a kiss each night (well, except tonight, but that's okay, I may get two next time if I mention it). Oh, and a nice, warm hug on opening day :)

TV looks the same as I remember - very tall and lots of smiles and funny stories to share with all.

My BBB Molly is smaller than she was last season. You will be SWIMMING in one of those baseball jerseys when your number gets chosen ;) Looking good Mol!!!

Danny and the other ushers - they don't look a day older!

We got a VERY warm welcome from our favorite security guy. He tells us he is anxious to see the kids again - last season all three of them were blowing bubbles at him and he was making a big deal of it.

And Crazy Fan Man - no disappointment there! His lungs are as strong as ever, if not stronger! And it seems he has some new material. My favorite so far has got to be the one about the foot on the rubber that Molly quoted. Looking forward to many more quote opportunities.

Then there is the case of the missing Lloyd. Feeling quite sad - haven't heard anything from him since the beginning of this year and well, we are hoping everything is okay. It's not the same without him.

So, cold, like Molly said - but hey! It's New York and we are tough and Baseball - well....where would you rather be, really?

How thrilled I was to see Carlos Maldonaldo (the BEST catcher) - to call his name and have him turn and wave. And tonight - sitting there in the rain, watching him come out and stand and turn to look and see if we were still there - then give us a cute little wave when we called his name (AGAIN). Gotta love that big guy. I've heard that some women have a "thing" for big guys...think I heard that at a baseball game recently, in fact.

And Josh Wilkie! My favorite pitcher!! He's not really a big guy - but then, I'm not the one who said I have a thing for big guys ;) I just like his style and the way he quietly appears and goes right to the business of pitching. Friendly, too, when one day I was trying to escape the heat and sun on the 1st base side and strolled over to the third base side to watch the guys warm up before the game - I mean, to cool off in the shade ;) Josh Wilkie gave me a cute smile and a wave. I feel that I should mention here that there was NO stalking involved! It's just as I said, I simply strolled over and quietly sat, enjoying the cooler temperature. I may have even been wearing his hat (the one he wore in the previous season).

It's soooo good to be back!!!!! Don Drysdale said " Some things in life you just can't buy - like great memories." I am looking forward to making many deposits in my memory bank this season!!

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